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Create effective presentations of complex topics - with the Storyboard Approach
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Short description
The storyboard approach focuses on one critical skill:
How do I prepare the content of a presentation so that I can communicate it effectively? 
This method consists of practical procedures that allow you to focus your topic with messages on what is really important, structure your argumentation and then visualise it.
This leads to a consistent focus on the essentials of the content, taking into account the situation and the demands of the audience. The techniques are practical and simple enough that you can work with them immediately. Your presentations will be coherent and convincing, any you will achieve the desired results with them. 
Be it with a one-pager or by presenting a complex proposal to an audience of laymen or experts. 

Important: this is no rhetoric training, no PowerPoint course and no visualisation seminar! 
In a sense, we take three steps before these: how do you get a grip on your content so that you can then appear convincing and convincing at all, design professional slides and visualise your content in an inspiring way?


- Focus on the core message – separating the essential from the details with the iceberg

- Structuring of the argumentation – defining the storyline. Your recipient-oriented and target-oriented thread through the topic 

- Visualisation of content and structure – with the amazingly simple technique of “White Paper Presentation”

The participants
- understand the need to focus the topic by messages on the essentials (content goal)
can select suitable storylines (structures) for their argumentation and formulate them in a way that is suitable for the recipient (instrumental goal)
- gain confidence and persuasiveness for delivering the presentation through the clarity and conclusiveness of their presentation (affective goal)

verifiable goals

The participants can systematically analyse the general conditions with the “Situation Checklist”, design a suitable structure for their argumentation on the “Executive Summary” form and use the “White Paper Presentation” method to convert this into a conclusive draft of the entire presentation in the shortest possible time on post-its

Target audience

Executives and employees at every level who need to communicate challenging topics in various formats (presentations, reports, papers, mails, meetings) in a way that is appropriate for the recipient and goal-oriented, in a comprehensible and convincing manner.

- Inputs on the method and techniques by the speaker
- Training of individual techniques based on practice examples
- Implementation of each step of the procedure using the example of a presentation you have brought with you
- Coaching of the participants by the speaker, feedback from other participants.

Continuing / Advanced courses

All courses of the "communications” series

Execution in


Bring along and work on your own presentation (possibly also a report or another format of “structured communication”)

Confirmation of participation

Villigen, PSI Education Center (building OSGA)

1 day - 08.30am - 05.00pm (8 lessons)
Thomas Kis, lic.oec.publ., communication trainer, entrepreneur, lecturer

Number of participants
Minimum 6 / Maximum 16

This course does not include meals. However, the staff restaurant OASE also provides external visitors with inexpensive and tasty menus.

For questions
Administration PSI Education Center, Tel. 056 310 24 00, bildungszentrum@psi.ch

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