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Working with git and GitLab
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Short description

Git is a version control system and its adoption at PSI is growing. Using a version control system allows you to track changes in files as you work on them, be it writing documentation, working on configuration files, or developing software. This workshop focuses on hands-on exercises, but will provide you with enough theory to continue learning on your own.

- Basic version control concepts and terminology
- Where does git end and GitLab begin

- Basic and advanced version control operations
- Setting up access to GitLab with SSH keys
- Importing an existing project to GitLab or starting new ones from scratch

- Collaboration through GitLab
- How to fix “mistakes” in common scenarios

What we won’t cover:

- Detailed discussion of internal workings of git
- Commit signing and verification

- Advanced features of GitLab (integration with webhooks, CI/CD with pipelines, pages system, etc.)


The participants

- understand the concepts and terminology used with
git and GitLab
- use git and GitLab for versioning their own projects and collaborating with colleagues
- have configured git and SSH for using it with GitLab at PSI

- can use forks and merge requests in GitLab

Target audience

Anyone who wants to (or has to) use git for version control, anyone interested in using version control in the future
Level: Beginner to intermediate

- Individual exercises
- short theory sequences as a lecture

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Execution in

Requirements for participants
- Use your own laptop / PC
- Access to PSI network (through VPN)

- Examples assume a PSI Windows 10 system, with PuTTY and git installed (available from software kiosk) or SSH access to llc.psi.ch
- OPTIONAL: Access to a second screen/monitor

- You need to be able to do basic work on the Linux command line, i.e. you have used these commands before: cd, mkdir, cp, rm, mv, ls

Proof of performance
- None

- Certificate of completion

Online (via Zoom)

Number of days / duration in lessons (à 45 minutes)
1/2  day (4 lessons); 13.30 - 17.00

Course leader / moderation

Daniel J. Lauk, Software Engineer (AEK)

Number of participants
Minimum 6 / Maximum 20

This course does not include meals. However, the staff restaurant OASE also provides external visitors with inexpensive and tasty menus.

Further information

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For questions
Administration PSI Education Center, Tel. 056 310 24 00, bildungszentrum@psi.ch

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Vorkenntnisse / Vorbedingungen

- Access to PSI network (on site or through VPN)
- PSI Windows account with PSI email
- You need to be able to do basic work on the Linux command line, i.e. you have used these commands before: cd, mkdir, cp, rm, mv, ls
- OPTIONAL: Access to a second screen/monitor