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Negotiate confidently - even when it gets difficult
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Short description
Not all negotiating partners pursue a win-win goal, not all act fairly – and not all people like each other. Some negotiation situations are really demanding; take place in “borderline” situations. For “human reasons” – attempts at manipulation, emotions, antipathy. For “objective reasons” – no recognisable common interest, hardly any leeway, tight schedule, and financial pressure. In this training you will learn
-  to analyse such situations systematically
-  skilfully apply appropriate rules and methods
-  effective "tips & tricks" to stay confident and find feasible solutions despite all difficulties


- Finding feasible solutions when no win-win solutions seem possible
- Negotiate tactically when there is little leeway
- Detect manipulation attempts and react appropriately

The participants
- understand the dynamics of demanding negotiation situations (content-related goal)
can effectively apply the methods for mastering difficult negotiations (instrumental goal)
- have experienced which emotions (their own and those of the negotiating partners) can arise in difficult negotiations and critical situations (e.g. provocations, threats) and have found ways to deal with them in an appropriate way (affective goal)

verifiable goals:

The participants can analyse difficult negotiation situations with a “Power Grid” and set up a powerful “tactics board”

Target audience

Managers and employees who have to find, agree on and implement feasible and resilient solutions in situations of professional and/or interpersonal conflict.

- Professional inputs for a better understanding of difficult negotiation situations
- Getting to know and practicing suitable negotiation methods by means of exercises and simulations
- Transfer of solution approaches based on own real cases brought by the participants
- Use of video feedback (the participants receive the clips of their assignments in the simulations and cases on request)

Continuing / Advanced courses

All courses of the "communications” series

Execution in


Bring your own case (incl. the corresponding materials/documents

Confirmation of participation

Online via Zoom

1 day - 08.30am - 05.00pm (8 lessons)
Thomas Kis, lic.oec.publ., communication trainer, entrepreneur, lecturer

Number of participants
Minimum 6 / Maximum 16

This course does not include meals. However, the staff restaurant OASE also provides external visitors with inexpensive and tasty menus.

For questions
Administration PSI Education Center, Tel. 056 310 24 00, bildungszentrum@psi.ch

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