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Workshop for Supervisors

Short description

A one-day training course designed to help those directly supervising PhD students and postdocs to understand the basic principles and guidelines of the PSI Professional Development Support concept.

The course gives supervisors a good understanding of how to improve the support of PhD students and postdocs and how this will help the supervised person and the organization as a whole to achieve their goals.This course will be useful not only for new supervisors, but also for supervisors who have been in this position for some time. It offers them also the opportunity to network and exchange experiences among colleagues.

Importance of professional supervision
- Role as a supervisor
- Potential conflicts with role expectations
- Duties/Responsibilites/Challenges
- Basic communication skills
- Giving Feedback
- Annual progress review


The participants

- know the PSI concept and the guidelines for line managers and supervisors
are aware of the responsibilities during the process and the challenges
- reflect on the different expectations towards their role
- feel prepared to give feedback and to conduct the annual progress review
- get the possibility to create a network among peers

Target audience

Staff scientists supervising PhD students or postdocs or may do so in the future (other registrations i.e. line managers can only be considered in case of spare capacity)

- Individual/group exercises
- Collegial consultation
- Exchange of experience
- Keynote speech
- Blended learning with advance performance
- Role plays

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Execution in

Requirements for participants
- None

Proof of performance
- None

- Certificate of completion

online (via Zoom)

Number of days / duration in lessons (à 45 minutes)
1 day (8 lessons)
Course leader / moderation
Guido Toivanen
René Gröbli, HR Manager

Number of participants
Minimum 6 / Maximum 14

This is an online-course, therefore there is no catering.

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Administration PSI Education Center, Tel. 056 310 24 00, bildungszentrum@psi.ch

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