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Respect: mandatory course for executives - English - afternoon

Short description
This mandatory course is part of the "Respect@PSI" campaign and is aimed at all executives. You will learn how to implement your responsibilities as set out in the "Respect Code of Conduct".

This course takes place within the framework of the "Respect@PSI" campaign. You will learn how to implement your responsibilities as set out in the "Respect Code of Conduct".

Extract from the Respect Code of Conduct: As executives
- we cultivate a respectful, appreciative and motivating working atmosphere
- we are particularly aware of our function as role models
- we fulfil our duty of care for our employees. This means that we are jointly responsible for the personal integrity of our employees and must follow up on indications of misconduct.

A culture of respect is best developed in a trusting working environment. As a manager, you contribute to the prevention and early detection of violations of personal integrity in your area of responsibility (laboratory, group, etc.). However, you often lack the experience to intervene competently in sensitive areas such as discrimination, mobbing or harassment.

In this event, you will expand your knowledge of the legal background, define inappropriate behaviour and exchange your options for intervention. You will create the prerequisites for strengthening your role as a role model and your ability to act as a leader in your field in the future.

The participants
- know the definitions and behaviours that are legally relevant and/or inappropriate in the culture of respect at PSI (misconduct)
know the legal basis for their duty of care
- are sensitive to misconduct and are aware of their responsibility and function as role models in their areas/units
- know what to do in case of misconduct and are aware of internal and external processes, contact points and support services
- receive information and exchange best practices on prevention, recognition of misconduct and intervention
- know common protection and support measures for people who report mobbing or harassment.

Target audience

Executives at all levels.

- Discussion / reflection
- Synthesis / Transfer

Continuing / Advanced courses
Respect training for employees (web-based training)
Respect training for human resource management and confidential advisors

Execution in
English, but this course is also offered in German

Requirements for participants

Interest in reflecting on their own leadership responsibilities and broadening their understanding of their roles. Interest in developing professional competence in the topic. Willingness to reflect and to learn from and with each other in a joint exchange.

Confirmation of participation

Villigen, PSI Education Center (building OSGA) or Zoom (course is offered in hybrid form)

13.30 - 15.30 (2 hours)
Urte Reckowsky, Occupational Psychologist, Ombudsperson WSL
A BPL and a person from the pool of Confidential Advisors will be present at each course.

Number of participants
Minimum 8 / Maximum 15

On the day of the training (16.00-17.00) there will be an opportunity (weather permitting) to take part in a walk. Participation is voluntary and lasts about 45 min (SWISSFEL/forest area). Interested persons meet in front of the entrance of the Education Centre, receive a snack and set off on the walk with a partner of their own choice, during which they informally and spontaneously exchange their experiences on the topic of "respect" or other leadership topics. No registration is necessary, welcome..

Further information
Philipp Hediger, Head of PSI Education Center

For questions
Administration PSI Education Center, Tel. 056 310 24 00, bildungszentrum@psi.ch

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