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K 876 E 

Continuing training in radiological protection for laboratory personnel in working areas type B and C (I19)

Short description

With this course, you will receive credit for 8 continuing education units as required every five years by the Strahlenschutzausbildungsverordnung for anyone working in work areas type B/C (I 19). We usually update the course content every three years.

- Repetition of key training concepts
- Changes in radiation protection legislation
- Current topics in the field of radiation protection
- Exchange between the participants about challenges within the scope of their function.

Learning objectives
This course provides a review of the skills and competences acquired during initial training for laboratory personnel working in work areas type B and C (application area I19) as outlined in the Strahlenschutzausbildungsverordnung (SR 814.501.261).

Laboratory personnel in working areas type B/C (I 19) and laboratory personnel in nuclear facilities (K 5) as well as veterinary practice assistants working with open radioactive sources (MP 17)

- Theoretical inputs
- Individual exercises
- Group discussions

Basic / Advanced courses
K420  Anerkannte Ausbildung zu Strahlenschutz-Sachverständigen für die Arbeitsbereiche B und C (I1)

Execution in
English (this course is also available in German - K876)


To attend this course you must have completed the initial training in radiological protection for laboratory personnel in working areas type B/C (I 19) (for example either the K875 E or K875)

Requirements for Certification

Certificate of participation


The location will be announced a few weeks before the course date (online via Zoom or at the PSI Education Center in Villigen).

Duration (Lessons are 45 min)
1 day (8 lessons)

Course Management / Moderation
Maya Keller, Leiterin Fachangebote, PSI Education Center

Number of participants
Minimum 10 / Maximum 40

This course does not include meals. However, if the course is held on-site the OASE staff restaurant will provide inexpensive and delicious menus for external visitors.

Further information

Please bring a calculator, a laptop or tablet PC incl. power adapter

Should you have question regarding the current content, please contact the instructor.

Course type: Fortbildung
Product category: Strahlenschutz in Industrie, Gewerbe, Lehre und Forschung

For questions
Administration PSI Education Center, Tel. 056 310 24 00, bildungszentrum@psi.ch

Cancellation Policy
see general terms and conditions

Vorkenntnisse / Vorbedingungen
Completed K875E "Accredited radiological protection training for laboratory personnel in working areas type B and C (I19)" or similar