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K 931 E (Postdocs) 

Research integrity information for Postdocs

Short description
Based on experiences with education on research integrity for PhD students, we have build up a training course on ethics in science, which is adapted to the boundary conditions at a research institute and contains both fundamentals and practical examples. It complements the booklet about guidelines for research integrity, which were elaborated together with EMPA, Eawag and WSL, and which is handed out to each PhD student.

- Why ethics matter in science
- Guidelines on Research Integrity at PSI
- Planning and execution research work, data management, scientific publishing
- Transfer of ethical principles and values to specific situations in research
- Information sources, homepage RI with links
The participants
- get to know about the basic principles of ethical decision making
- learn to take responsibility in a proactive way
- are able to recognize the range of their decisions
- can make the link to their own work

Target audience
Participation in the course 931E (PhDs) is compulsory for all PhD students (3 parts) and participation in the course 931E (Postdocs) (only part 1) is compulsory for all postdocs, latest 18 months after they started working at PSI. The secretaries of the PSI divisions control the participation.

This course (for Postdocs) consists of 2 mandatory parts
(1) Mandatory: Self-study: eLearning Course “Ethics in research”, 25 min. Will be accessible from Friday, 26.05.2023 on a web link and is to be completed before Friday, 09.06.2023
(2) Voluntary: Participation in face-to-face course on Tuesday, 13.06.2023, 13:30 - 15:30, WHGA/ 001 (Audimax): presentation guidelines with practical examples and discussions
(3) Mandatory Answering questions (online) "Ethics in Research" to be completed before Friday, 30.06.2023
    - five questions multiple-choice, immediate evaluation, if 80 % correct: passed, 15 min
    - If not passed: 5 questions, immediate evaluation, if 80 % correct: passed, 15 min
    - If not passed: personal interview with RI consultant /Ombudsperson, passed, 30 min
Course 931E (Postdocs) is completed if parts (1) and (3) are passed
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Execution in

Requirements for participants

Proof of performance
Part 3 is the online test
Certificate of completion

WHGA/001 and online

Number of days / duration in lessons (à 45 minutes each)
Dates see description above, in total 4 lessons

Course leader / moderation
Roland Horisberger
Helmut Schift

Number of participants
Minimum 6 / Maximum 200

This course does not include meals. However, the staff restaurant OASE also provides external visitors with inexpensive and tasty menus.

Further information
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Administration PSI Education Center, Tel. 056 310 24 00, bildungszentrum@psi.ch

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