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K 910 E (Web Based Training) 

Web Based Training: Lab Safety and Chemical Safety Basics

Short description
Web-Based Training concerning general lab safety and handling of chemicals at PSI

- General lab safety rules and basic lab safety facilities
- Safety labelling; warning signs, mandatory signs, GHS pictograms and more
- Introduction of selected lab devices like fume hoods, glove boxes and centrifuges
- Personal protective equipment and lab dress code, choice of protective gloves
- Material safety data sheet (MSDS); structure, H-statements and P-statements
- Information on selected substance classes; corrosive substances, solvents, particularly hazardous substances, compressed gases and cryogenic liquids
- Hazardous waste disposal; where, when and how
- Equipment under pressure / vacuum; implosion/explosion hazards, vacuum glassware, high-pressure vessels and compressed gas cylinders
- Rescue chain and PSI emergency organization
- Medical emergencies, fire and evacuation alarm
- Chemical spills and gas leaks, gas warning system
- Burns, chemical burns and cold burns
- Poisoning / exposure; actions and emergency numbers
- Hydrofluoric acid emergency kit

The participants
- know how to behave in the laboratory and what personal protective equipment to wear
- can assess the hazards of a substance using the material safety data sheet and take safety measures independently
- know
how to act in case of an emergency

Target audience

Employees, new employees, postdocs, PhDs, students during their master thesis, working in laboratories

Web based training (E-Learning)
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Execution in

Requirements for participants

Proof of performance
Tests within the web-based training

Certificate of completion if the proof of performance is successfully achieved


Number of days / duration in lessons (à 45 minutes each)
3 lessons (self-paced learning)

Course leader / moderation
Web-based training, content responsibility: Patrick Kissel, Winfried Rendler

Number of participants
Minimum 1 / Maximum 200

This course does not include meals since it is taking part online.

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Administration PSI Education Center, Tel. 056 310 24 00, bildungszentrum@psi.ch

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