Kurse der PSI-Akademie
K 960E CAS 

PSI Leadership Workshop (CAS Leadership Science: Part 2 CAS)
11.11.2022 Bis 12.01.2023

Besitzen Sie die nötigen Vorkenntnisse:
Several years of professional experience as well as the willingness for challenging further education with a high self-reflective component.
You have a management position or you are designated for a management position.
The registration remains provisional until you receive the definitive confirmation of registration. This is done in consultation with the respective HR management.

Please send an email directly after registration with
- your curriculum vitae
- a copy of your most recent diploma
- a digital photo
- a private e-mail address
to gabriella.gerber@fhnw.ch with the subject "CAS Leadership in Science"

Please also read the FHNW regulations. With your registration, you explicitly agree to these.

Finally, please note that attendance of all course days is compulsory and that you must attend all course days in order to complete the continuing education programme. Therefore, please reserve the dates mentioned below under "further information".