Course offerings PSI Education Center

Professionals from pratice and research - our recipe for success

Our course participants benefit from this proximity: The close cooperation of our full-time, didactically trained instructors with PSI researchers and professionals from the field guarantees that what is learned corresponds to the latest findings on the one hand and has a high practical value on the other.

An attractive mix of theory and application

An attractive mix of theory and application We attach great importance to practical transfer: Thanks to our unique infrastructure, you will not only learn the relevant theory with us, but also apply your new knowledge immediately in our laboratories or on the training grounds. This ensures a maximum learning effect. Contemporary teaching and learning formats, such as e-learning units produced in-house and specially tailored to the needs of our participants, further support your learning success. You are guaranteed not to get bored in our courses.

We are characterized by versatility

One of the focal points of our course offering is basic and advanced training in the handling of ionizing radiation and radioactive substances, and is aimed at people working in nuclear facilities, in medicine, with partner organizations of civil protection, in trade, industry, research, teaching and transport, as well as in full-time and part-time radiation protection. We also offer safety training (chemistry, work, laser) as well as courses in specialist IT and programming.

This is supplemented by interdisciplinary courses in leadership & management, appearance & personality, languages and IT applications.

We also have a lot to offer in terms of consulting and services: We support our customers in the development of training concepts, in the organization and implementation of courses, operate an assessment and a career center, offer mentoring programs and also act as facilitators and coaches.

What doesn't fit will be made to fit

The way to us is too far for you or a course doesn't quite meet your needs? No problem, we will bring the training to you on site and tailor the course content to your learning objectives. Do you have recurring training needs on repetitive topics, for example for new employees? We can also produce e-learnings for you in your own company design. For inquiries, please contact our office.